The gamefish of Key West

The waters surrounding Key West are the safari grounds for big game sportsfishing. This is deep sea fishing the other guys write about. The fish are always near, though some seasons are better for some species. PAPA uses a wide variety of fishing techniques, such as live-baiting, trolling, and deep-dropping, so her anglers catch a wide variety of fish.

Here are some of the most popular fish you can target from Charter Yacht PAPA.

Marlin Both the Blue Marlin (150 to 500 pounds average) and the White Marlin (40 to 70 pounds) are considered magnificent fighters, with strong runs and spectacular leaps. They are usually taken well out to sea.
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Sailfish The sailfish will sometimes be found closer to shore than the other billfish, but they are usually taken while trolling offshore. Currently most catches are in the 30 to 60 pound range. The fight is frequently spectacular, a charterboat moment.
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Wahoo This long slender fish is one of the fastest of gamefish, and can strip a reel in nothing flat. Not a spectacular jumper, he will make some fantastic runs near the surface. Wahoo can weigh up to 150 pounds, but 10 to 50 pounds is more likely.

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Dolphinfish This is dolphin the fish, not Flipper the porpoise. The dolphin, also called Mahi Mahi and Dorado, is considered by most folks to be one of the best fish for eating. Expect to catch dolphin averaging about 20 pounds. The males occasionally reach 50 pounds, and females might hit 40. They are great fighters.
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Tuna The great Bluefin Tuna is now rarely seen around these parts. However the Yellowfin Tuna (up to 200 pounds) and the Blackfin Tuna (shown left, up to 40 pounds) are here. They can't give you the fight you'd get from a 500 pound Bluefin, but that's owing only to their size - they will give you a pound-for-pound run for your money.
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You can also go for sharks, swordfish, grouper, snappers, barracudas, mackerel, cobia, etc.

Don't forget the big-money tournaments that take place in and around Key West. PAPA would be delighted to take you on a trophy quest.

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